Helping firms and individuals to perform, transform and excel.

Average day? Time for a Coach!

Helping firms and individuals to perform, transform and excel.

Average day? Time for a Coach!

by Richard Grillenbeck
Clients count on me every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.
Coaching for international teams

Working in an international environment and not sure how to deal with different cultures, and communication styles? Not sure how cooperate and align better?

Contact me and let us coordinate goals.

Coaching for academic staff

Working at an university as scientist, non-scientist or doctorate? Not sure how to deal with your time management, multiple projects and colleagues?

Contact me and we can explore possibilities.

Coaching for IT-Professionals

Working in an IT environment and getting a bit overwhelmed by deadlines, agile approaches or multi-tasks? Not sure about the next steps in your career?

Contact me and let us manage it.

Certificates & Further Education & Roles

Master in computer science (Dipl. Inf. Univ.), FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, 1994

Coach Training Program (Coach U) 1996

Founder of, Self-Employed since then, 1998

Siebel Certified Business Analyst, 2000

Ph.D. (Dr. Ing.), FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, 2000

NLP Practitioner, DVNLP, 2002
NLP Master, DVNLP, 2003

Com Certified Professional Trainer, Com Training Services, 2004

Certified Time Management Trainer and TEMP-consultant, tempus-Consulting, 2008

Psych. Advisor, ALH, 2008

ICF Chapter Host Nürnberg, 2015
(International Coach Federation)

CoActive Coach, CTI, 2017

certified scrum master, scrum alliance, 2017

My Coaching

Coaching for IT-professionals and international teams.

As a coach I support you and your international team in solving problems, reaching goals and getting decisions made. You get your action plans done and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Entrepreneurs and IT managers in companies know the importance of someone out there who sees what happens and to coach private and business lifes.

You can rely on my knowledge as licenced tempus-consultant for „TEMP-Methode“ and as author of „TEMP-Coaching“ (book will be published January 2017). Both methods offer you the whole range for companies and individuals. My work with international teams is not limited to these of course. Speaking the language of clients is supported by my experience of intercultural aspects and agile structures.

As a long term member and local chapter host of International Coach Federation I pledge commitment to the code of ethics of ICF.

Looking forward to assist you in your personal growth, your team in better collaboration and reaching the right goals you want to achive.
Personal coaching is done on-site, in my coaching studio or via phone/ Skype/ webmeeting platforms.

My Training

Training and roll-out of IT-Systems and processes to end users.

Companies I supported are getting better sales conversions and customer experiences through CRM systems, have faster results reported to their customers with new reporting systems for engineers and are using new software more efficiently now.

Working as a trainer has been a great experience for me since I was allowed to travel so many beautiful countries and to meet such a bunch of great and wonderful people.

Some of my projects have been

  • Functional roll out of CRM systems
  • Create Web Based Training
  • Master trainer to train other trainers
  • Change Management projects e.g. change from paper based reporting to laptop and internet based reporting for engineers

The biggest joy however has been to see clients grow and change effectively reaching their (learning) goals they wanted to achieve.

Looking forward to train and coach more interesting people on new exciting places!

How I assist you in your business
With training and coaching services I bring in
the whole breadth of my experience and knowledge as well as my whole personality.

Clients count on me every day to help transform uncertainty into possibility.